Toughen Up

Maybe it might seem like one of those situations that is easier said then done but I believe that most of the time its all mind over matter. In life we are all faced with things that make us feel alone and completely empty, but what I challenge all those who have these feelings is to wake up in the morning and just toughen up. Take a step back and look at yourself. You are living, breathing and most likely you have at least one good thing in your life. If you are stressing, worrying or just completely depressed remember that you are your own worst enemy. Probably more than half the time we put ourselves in a bad mood. You just need to keep your head held high and remember who you really are. Cause no matter what it will all be okay in the end.


Who Runs the World ?

I think everyone can relate to a moment when you read something that instantly spurs emotions that are hard to control. You feel the anger festering at the surface and you have to control your breathing as you close in on the final sentence. Typically this kind of moment happens to me often if I immerse myself in news that interests me, such as feminist geared articles. I like to think of myself as a feminist. I think chivarly is dead. It died and probably should stay that way. Of course every women likes to be treated like a princess but shouldn’t that just be proper custom, not some made up culture that has been morphed time and time again. Repsect for all genders is a human instinct, commen sense. Come on people?
Upon my love for feminism I enrolled myself in a Women and the Media Class. It focuses on womens role in media and the obstacles women face everyday and have for decades. Today I was particularly enraged by a handout about women and men in the workplace. It consisted of widely held beliefs about men and women. Typcal stereotypes such as, if a man was having lunch with the boss that he must be moving up but put the shoe on the other foot the woman would be precieved as having an affair with the boss… How messed up and backwards is that supposed belief? There were more such as saying that if a women was having a baby it would cost money in maternity benefits where as a man would need a raise. Women are and have been stuck in this male domintated society that seems to change a snail a decade. Women may be making improvements and succeeding to progress higher but the amounts are small and the speed very slow. However slow women may be progressing it is a steady climb. Women are becoming recognized in politics and positions of power that maybe a decade before we had not seen.
You can call this a rant but I think it’s a necesary one. Women have struggled for years and its a struggle that sees very little improvement. Women are seen as mens objects and not capable of positions of power that men have carried for years. This is the waking of women to take real action. Without women where would these men be? I don’t know about you but my mother is the rock and the glue that keeps my family together. She keeps the wheels turning. These pansy men these days are coddled by their mothers for many years. Who would you be without your parents? And for me without my mom, I would have a very different life. Women hold the world together. Girls, we run the world.