Words For The Broken

Often times in life we are faced with things that at one time we never thought or would never want to think would happen. We, for some period of time, create this perfect world in our head, build up all these expectations and often times force this life we so often dream about to come true. When in life do we just sit back and let life run it’s natural course? Why are we in such a rush to move things along and to make things happen probably before they are even supposed to?
I’m no expert. I don’t know why life is so unfair any more than the next person, but if theres one thing in life that I have realized is that there are no right answers. Some people say,”Life’s too short!” So that means I should try to rush through life and just do everything I can to make my life what I want it to be. Makes sense to me I guess? But then what about the people that say, “Slow down and enjoy life!” Well now I’m just confused. Both options are plausible, but they both give an opposite approach. In order to not get completely mind fucked from all this information, I think it’s important to remember that we are our own person. Every single one of us was created for a purpose, no matter how small that purpose might be. Even though I believe God has a plan for us, I don’t think it is necssarily set in stone. Each of us can determine where we go in life and we can decide how fast or how slow we want our life to go. Even though some of us, like me, are not patient enough to wait for life to come to us, it doesn’t mean we are doing anything wrong. It just means we are living our OWN life. A life we have every right to take full advantage of. Regret or no regret life is life.