Summer: The Myth

Nothing fools me more than summer. Being in college, I get about 3 and a half months off from school. Initially you believe that you are going to have all this time to accomplish every thing and anything you can think of. Unfortunately, summer goes by in the blink of an eye. It is what I like to call the summer myth. Plans get made and fall under the cracks. Friends get forgotten for one reason or another or you work your butt off to make money to support you through the school year. (Or in my case you decide not to.)You fall in love and then bam it’s like nothing else matters. To be honest the latter applies to me and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I just wish that life/summerwouldn’t pass me by before I can even get used to it.
It’s already nearing mid August and I’m just going on my first vacation now. When I get back I have about 4 days until I start my junior year of college. Am I really ready to start this year ? To make even harder decisions that I’ve ever had to make? The real world is right around the corner for me and I couldn’t help but creep around the corner at it from time to time. The summer was muddled by thoughts of life just getting so complicated.
Regardless, my summer was filled with lazy, couch potato days with my boyfriend. But really when else can I get away with this lifestyle? I’ll take what I can get.