Bitter Sweetie

I was just sitting on Facebook and I realized something. Why am I being a bitter BIT*H? What do I really have to gain from having some resentment, animosity or jealousy toward other people. It makes me feel like I have this black hole in my heart and glazes my judgement. All I have ever wanted in life was to be accepted and yet my body is doing the one thing I hate: rejection. It is rejecting any possible friendship and positive outlook on life that I can have.

I truly believe in mind over matter. It is all in the way you look at things and how you process them out to other people. I know I am not perfect, clearly. But all I do is judge not only other people but myself and that makes me feel horrible in the worst way. I know I was cursed with jealousy, it’s a fundamental flaw that is almost unsurpassable, but I know I am a really good hearted person. Some where along the way life toughened me up and made me a little bitter toward life and other people. I don’t like and nor do I feel I should be this way. I want to make a change because I really am a genuinely good person who is nice, fun and respectful. I want to look at someone and not wish I could trade places or wish they didn’t exist because they have this goddess body or perfect life. I just want to be the best me possible and liven that black hole in my heart up a little bit at a time and maybe I will see a great deal of difference in my life. If anyone has suggestions on how to go about this or even if you want to take this plunge with me, be my guest and shoot me a message ! I promise I am friendly don’t let my posts fool you 🙂


I CHERYL ELIZABETH HUMPHREY, solemnly swear that I will not have any bitter attitude or thoughts and will treat every person the way I would want to be treated. I will see life in a whole new way.